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Are you in favor of the legalization of marijuana?

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  • Absolutely! The only reason why marijuana hasn't been legalized on a national level yet, is because it's legalization would threaten the alcohol and tobacco industries, along with BigPharma. The government doesn't mind if you like to use drugs...just as long as you're using 'their' drugs.
    TheSilatBeast75000 · 0 3
  • Of course, alcohol is legal and has destroyed the bodies of who knows how many alcoholics throughout history. Not ONE human being has EVER died from marijuana toxicity, not even people highly addicted to it. Both of these drugs affect the brain obviously, but that's a whole other talk show
    Fluffy Dasher~ · 2 5
  • Legalize it, tax it, control it's quality.
    And stop putting people in jail because of a weed.

    Put people in jail because of Crab Grass and Kudzu and Grass Burrs.
    Bryan (Hammerogod) · 5 14
  • I have no stake in it and I'm not the kind who thinks that my opinions need to be written into others' lives, so I don't care.
    caleb · 10 4

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