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  • Do I have to sign a lease I do not agree with?

    22 answers 6 days ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Last year I told my dog that for Xmas I would send him 12 handwritten letters throughout 2017. I sent 3. What can I give him this year?

    Best answer: Forward him one of the letters I send out throughout the year, I will add your name to the top of the list.

    Dear P****e
    If you’re reading this, then you’ve already started the chain reaction and there’s no going back. The events I am about to warn you about will definitely unfold, even if you discard this letter now. The best thing you can do now is read on and carefully follow my instructions.

    The reason this is happening to you is unfair, but it’s beyond anyone’s control. This all started because of Jessica Brown. Jessica Brown lived in southern Louisiana on the shores of Lake Catherine. She lived with her mother and father and next door to her uncle. The house she lived in had a small cellar with various odd items—tools, cans of tomato paste, old furniture. It was ordinary in every way except that once a year, every year, on the very same day as the year before, a blinding blue light would flash from the cellar. The family had never been able to figure out what caused the light and had grown accustomed to it, until one year the flash damaged little Jessica’s vision.

    Her parents called an electrician, who showed up and looked at the wiring in the cellar. He said that everything looked fine, as it always did. He told Jessica’s parents that he’s been checking that same cellar the last 40 years, as long as he’d been an electrician. Every family that lives there would call him about the blue light. He finally admitted that the head electrician before him went to that house 40 years ago and died from a surge of electricity that charged through him and flooded the house with a flash of blue light.

    Every year, on that same date, the bright blue light flashed, but it had never harmed anyone before.

    The family tried to move on with their lives and tell themselves the electrician was just a booze hound making up stories since he didn’t know what was wrong with the wiring in the cellar. One day, Jessica’s mother was cooking and asked little Jessica to grab a few cans from the cellar. Jessica obliged. Her mother heard the little pitter patter of Jessica’s footsteps going down the cellar stairs and then, strangely, the cellar door slammed shut. It was odd, but Jessica’s mother assumed it was a gust of wind and continued chopping onions.

    Jessica’s mother jumped and dropped her knife at the sound of her daughter’s bloodcurdling scream. She yelled for her husband, and they pulled and pulled on the door until it flew open. Across the room, just beneath a little window with moonlight shining on her, stood little Jessica. Her mother called out to her, and Jessica slowly walked toward the door.

    Her parents looked at her bewildered, searching her little face for an explanation. All the blood had drained from her face, and her knuckles were scraped and splintered.

    “I saw a man, and he stood this high off the ground,” said Jessica, gesturing a flat palm about two feet off the ground. “It was like he was there, but he wasn’t there.”

    Her parents stared nervously at the cellar door.

    “He looked at me, and he hated me,” she said in a tone far too serious for her six years of age.

    Her parents were shaken but told Jessica that it was dark and her eyes were playing tricks on her. They bolted the cellar door shut, hung a curtain over it, and placed a large bookshelf in front of it. But, every night after that, her parents would wake to the deafeningly loud sound of crashing wood and find little Jessica in the corner of the cellar, unaware of how she came to be there. Finally fed up, Jessica’s father bricked up a wall over the cellar.

    Months later, on the day when the family would normally see the flash of intense blue light, neighbors heard the terrible screams of the entire family. The police arrived to find brick and mortar outside of the house, apparently having flown out of the front window. They clambered over the rubble, through the house and into the cellar. They say the two officers who responded left the police force the day after the discovery. Inside the cellar, the bodies of Jessica’s parents were founds stretched and mangled, twisted like wires with the home’s electrical wiring in the drywall. Jessica was nowhere to be found and has never been sighted since.

    Her neighbors, however, reported to the electrician seeing a bright blue flash of light from their attic the night of the murders. It is said that the damned soul of the tormented electrician escaped Jessica’s home that night and seeks nothing but to torment the living souls of this world he is trapped in.

    If you do not pass this letter along to 5 other people in the next 24 hours, your home will be plagued and you too will have to be untangled from the wiring.
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  • Should Hillary Clinton be charged with 33,000 counts of obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence?

    Apparently Hillary "Walking Punchline/National Embarrassment" can lie over and over to the FBI with impunity.
    11 answers 7 days ago Politics
  • Why people assume you can not have cats with dogs when many people own both with no issues?

    Best answer: Because they don't know any different, the same reason they assume anything.
    19 answers 1 week ago Cats
  • Meghan Markle is engaged to Prince Harry. Honestly: Do you give a crap?

    48 answers 1 week ago Politics
  • Cash Strapped Millenials in large numbers buying campers to be job flexible & not homeless....How much did Hope and Change Fail them?

    Best answer: Millennials are a totally lost generation. They are mainly atheist, socialist, and lack work ethic. We need to keep them out of political power. Luckily, generation Z is extremely conservative. They will serve as a buffer to the spoiled, entitled millennial generation.
    10 answers 7 days ago Politics
  • Why do the dems care about illegal immigrants more than the American people ?

    19 answers 7 days ago Politics
  • If everyone listened to God, would the world be a better place?

    30 answers 1 week ago Government
  • Why does my dad do this?

    Hi im 15 turning 16 in 5 months I applied for a job that's walking distance so I can easily get there instead of rely on my dad to drop me off btw my dad and mom are divorced .I get pretty good grades in school only 1-2 c and the rest a and b I asked my dad for a iPhone before and he never gets me one he always buys me flip phones and he has a decent job and make good money and he has a pretty good phone himself I just don't understand why my dad won't buy me a iPhone I know y'all going come up with all these excuses but you won't understand when you get picked on in school for having no phone even if you have a droid you get picked on.
    28 answers 1 week ago Family
  • The Vietnam War was a divisive issue. What did the U.S. do correctly (if anything) in the war?

    22 answers 1 week ago History
  • Is God evil?

    29 answers 1 week ago Religion & Spirituality
  • What happens if you touch the baby bunnies before they are a week old?

    10 answers 7 days ago Other - Pets
  • Why does u think atheists lack computer skillz?

    21 answers 6 days ago Religion & Spirituality
  • Why do only 40 percent of college grads get a job related to their degree?

    Best answer: Because college is a fraud
    16 answers 1 week ago Politics
  • Do you fear the Sharia Law?

    Best answer: Definitely concerned by it. It has no place in a civilised society.
    71 answers 1 week ago Law & Ethics
  • Do you enjoy eating tapioca pudding?

    Best answer: Yes large pearl is very good. But many ways to make it. Sweet I think is best. But some made with Volcano peppers is good. Made the old native way. Vanilla is good if made with local vanilla.
    16 answers 1 week ago Water Sports
  • Will Alabama do the right thing and elect a child molester to the US Senate?

    Best answer: Actually Alabama will do the wrong thing and elect a child molester to the US Senate
    14 answers 6 days ago Politics
  • Is Ridaex TV worth buying?

    Is this Ridaex TV which is made in India worth buying? Is it really good as I have seen most of the reviews on internet being positive?
    8 answers 1 week ago TVs
  • Is this the easiest way to get away with murder for a long period of time? (I’m not really doing it)?

    So let’s say you shot somebody 2 blocks away from your left no evidence and you manage to run back to your home without people seeing you.. is that an automatic victory? cops would be clueless wouldn’t they?
    5 answers 6 days ago Law Enforcement & Police