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  • When are children too old to get birthday presents from their parents?

    23 answers 1 day ago Parenting
  • My Son Smokes Marijuana?

    My son is 16, we live in a state where marijuana is legal for people 21 years old, and my son smokes weed. It started a couple weeks ago, when I found a bag of marijuana under our couch. My son told me, and still stands by that it wasn't his weed. Today I looked in his room, and I what looked like an ounce of marijuana. I confronted my son about it, and he thinks what he did is entirely okay. He says that he works hard and it's a tough at school, and marijuana helps keep the edge off. For now I've taken it away, and my son told me that he should be given the money he paid for it, or he should have it back. He's not grounded, but I told him that I don't want to know in the future if he smokes weed. Should I ground him? Or should I let him smoke marijuana?
    194 answers 5 days ago Parenting
  • Favorites from this list of girl names?

    Savannah, Jordan, Maci, Aubrey, Hayley, Eva, Hallie, Evie, Carly, Kathryn, Hensley, Reagan, Mallory, Kendall, Payton, Addison, Ava, Emma, Lauren, Makenna, Salene, Camryn, Lainey, Kennedy, Remi, Mila, Ivy, Caroline, Danielle, Wren, Blakely, Olivia, Avery, Jade
    39 answers 2 days ago Baby Names
  • Would you make a 13 year old girl walk home alone after dark?

    My friend and I, who are both 13 year old girls, were hanging out at my house and her dad called her and told her to walk home. It's about a half a mile walk between our houses and it was already 10:30 pm. She was too scared to walk alone so I walked with her and had to walk back alone. Are we being rediculous to think it was a bad idea for us to walk home alone? Plus she has a serious anxiety disorder and it just seems insensitive of her parents to make her walk. So if you were a parent of a 13 year old girl would you make her walk home alone at night when it clearly made her really uncomfortable?
    26 answers 3 days ago Parenting
  • Would you hold hands with your teenage daughter if she wants it?

    21 answers 2 days ago Parenting
  • Tess or Piper?

    Which one sounds better with the last name Holt?
    52 answers 3 days ago Baby Names
  • Adult son is still at home?

    Hi, everyone. I'm the father of three-now grown up sons and an adult daughter. My youngest son (who is twenty) still lives at home with me and my wife and I am getting extremely pissed and upset with my son's behaviour and lack of communication in the family. I don't think he has ever been in a relationship but he has friends who he often goes out with. He has OCD apparently but he seems to think that a petty thing like that is the biggest problem in the family. My son works at a part-time job and all he does it go home late at night, says hi then goes upstairs in his room. He never asks how I am and only talks when he needs something and even in a car, all he does is listen to his headphones. I never had this of my two other sons. My wife believes he is a lot like our daughter, but at least she is friendly and outgoing. But all our loser son does is sit in his room all day and he goes out to smoke weed, comes back late high, and doesn't talk. He's different to our other children and is never really outgoing. When he was twelve, he used to scream at night from nightmares and had teddy bears until he was fourteen. I just find it highly embarrassing that our son is as strange as he is and I'm on the verge on confronting him but my wife said that she would do it. If I do, how do I go about this without sounding overly critical?
    9 answers 20 hours ago Parenting
  • Do you prefer Cecilia or Celia?

    27 answers 2 days ago Baby Names
  • Why do Libs think just because Hillary has never had to face the legal consequences of her crimes that means she never committed any?

    14 answers 4 hours ago Toddler & Preschooler
  • Favorites from this list of boy names?

    Lawson, Weston, Levi, Reid, Jameson, River, Hudson, Gavin, Briar, Dallas, Rowan, Reese, Easton, Knox, Chase, Jared, Isaac, Lane, Isaiah, Colton, Seth, Tristen, Maddox, Ezra, Cannon,Tucker
    26 answers 2 days ago Baby Names
  • Do you like this girls name ?

    Me and my wife are adopting a baby girl she's not here yet she'll be here in December. Her mom wants us to think of a name for her. My wife likes the name Millee Elizabeth. We're not naming her after Miley Cyrus were naming her after a little girl from our state who died on Christmas eve in a car crash last year we didn't know the girl but my wife done some research on the story. She felt so bad for the kid and her family also we don't know any other girls named Miley which was her name. We decided to name our adopted daughter in memory of her. We also love the name Elizabeth for her middle name. What do you think of the name Milee Elizabeth ?
    16 answers 16 hours ago Baby Names
  • Ruby or Sasha?

    Which name do you like better for a girl and why?
    41 answers 3 days ago Baby Names
  • What do I do if I can t afford the abortion?

    Okay so I m am 15 years old and I just found out I am pregnant and I can t tell my parents I made an appointment with the abortion clinic and ask to do the judicial pass .... My appointment is next Saturday and I need to come up with 400$ but I don t have that kind of money. The lady did give me a financial aid number but I called a lot of times and I just can t seem to get threw ... I m getting scared and I don t know what to do
    23 answers 3 days ago Pregnancy
  • What do you think of parents who still kiss their children when they are teens already?

    13 answers 3 hours ago Parenting