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  • Accidentally sent a dick pic to another girl and now afraid of getting blackmailed or shamed?

    I accidentally sent a dick pic to my crush's friend (names are identical) and now she has it...I told her to delete it and she said she did...But I cant believe her...She can use it later to blackmail me or take revenge on me... I told her to send her nudes as an insurance so that in case she leaks mine, I will leak hers....But she doesnt seem to agree with that idea.. I'm afriad and tensed now...What should I do? SHould I tell her mom that she has my nudes so that she can take action on her....
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  • How should I punish my sister for breaking my laptop?

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  • I can hear my parent having sex?

    They’re so bloody noisy it’s doing my head in , the bed is so loud , my bedrooms under theirs
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  • Am I being too hard on my 12 yr old daughter?

    Best answer: IF THIS IS TO LONG THEN JUST READ THE LAST PARAGRAPH-I promise that it will work-
    To me, it sounds like SHE'S the bully...I can not stand disrespectful behavior, I find it to be extremely harmful to an environment, especially a household, but I would maybe tone down on the strict timing and other maybe overly strict rules, she is a child and needs to be allowed to live like one.

    I don't know anyone who actually ENJOYS getting up early, but I have a feeling that you either have talked to her the same way she talks to you now, or that you simply ignore it to continue trying to get your point across; either way, she clearly has not been disciplined well, I am only 21 years old but I have never and would never tell my mom to "go to hell" because language like that was never spoken in my house, and I respect how hard she has worked for me to be who I am. I was also given spankings (which I am aware is seen as child abuse now days) but let me tell ya nothing will set someone straight like a spanking....anyway, there is literally nothing that you can say that will change her behavior-that had to have been done the first 10 years of her life- she is now approaching her teen years and will only get worse. All you can do now is show her what being a lady and having a loving relationship with family is like.

    My advice? Spend time with her. QUALITY time. Buy some chick flicks, snacks, games, etc. Laugh and get to know and love one another. This time in her life is so valuable and should be a time in which you guys could become very close for the rest of your years together. As I previously mentioned, I am 21 and have had my fair share of mother-daughter issues with my mom, but take it from me, the time and love that she gave me was the best thing that could've happened to my relationship with her. Tell her daily how much she means to you, as doing so will make a world of difference to her, whether she makes it seem like it does or not.
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  • Am I wrong for banning cigarettes on my property?

    Best answer: No, you're not wrong.

    But just try to explain to her about second hand smoke and about how you don't like the smell of smoke.

    And perhaps buy her an ashtray to her butts in when she's outside smoking.
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  • What do I when I hear my parents have sex?

    So I’ve talked to them about because they can hear me crying, and they say it’s completely normal. Yeah, I think so too but am I the only one who finds it rude?! (Btw, my room is close to theirs and they still close their door) Sometimes I get angry, too. I think it’s even worse when they do it in the middle of the day. LIKE IM STILL ALIVE!
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  • I'm a 21 year old girl and feel suicidal?

    My father has always been abusive, but it's getting worse. He's always cursing me out, telling me I'm not loved, cursing my mom out who doesn't have any money because she was a housewife. I have no money, no job, no transportation. I was an A student but crashed my car and ever since then I've had a hell life. I'm literally thinking that there no way out of here. My last job, my dad took all of my money and spent it and threatened to let go of his job if I didn't give him the checks. I literally feel sick to my stomach thinking about all of this. He said I deserve to die and I shouldn't have been born that way he could be a bachelor again. He said he wasted his life raising kids and literally my siblings and I are so kind to him. I don't know why he hates us. I'm feeling so broken. Please help me. I see nowhere out. I want to get out of here and take my loving mom who is a heart patient and my 2 siblings.
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  • My brother got arrested for DUI last night and my Mom wants me to go give him bail (she's out of town). How do I get out of this?

    It is his 6th arrest and 3rd DUI. He was also driving without a license. I don't want to bail him as I lose money and my Mom uses me to enable him. Yet, I don't like conflict with her so I always go along. She' says since I am the big brother I need to be the one to get him out since our Dad died. My brother is 22 and I am 28
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  • What does your relationship with your father mean to you? How big an impact did he have on you growing up?

    I ve never had a dad myself. My own father killed himself when I was two. I m still very bitter/hurt by that fact. All I ve ever had left of him are pictures and word of mouth from family. Apparently I m just like him. I m in my mid twenties now. I can t wait to be a father someday myself. It s one of the driving forces of my life really, but I still have no idea what having one is like. Good or bad, could someone answer my question? Thank you x
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  • Are my parents too cheap for the amount we are making?

    Please read all this... Im 14. My parents make around 150,000 a year AND IM AN ONLY CHILD. I think I'm just brainwashed by my friends family's, one of my friends makes like 80,000 a year with 2 kids. And I know for a fact their not in debt. Their just willing to spend so much money on my friend and his sister, like my friend has a whole freaking gaming PC setup, 2 gopros, 2 bikes, and like 5 mac computers. And he gets his own phone plan, and expensive speaker system. My ex-friend, has even more. They make around maybe 100,000 A gaming PC, 10 other PC's ( he is a tech nerd ),expensive Lenovo flex 3, good headphones, ps3, xbox, wii. games, TV for his room, surround sound system, 128 gb iphone with phone plan, tons of small stuff like 3ds's and stuff, and alot of other stuff, he doesn't even act spoiled, I knew him for years and he never did. Back in like 2nd or 3rd grade, his parents would buy him game cards and stuff like that whenever he wanted AND I WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM MYSELF WITH THE CRAP ALLOWENCE I GOT. and his older sister is in a university, HOW ARE THEY ABLE TO AFFORD ALL THIS. the family is indian. does this have to do with anything? also he has like 4 pairs of nike shoes and doesn't even do a sport, I do cross country AND track, and my mom says that's the only reason why shes getting me nike shoes. But, ugh. I only have a bad computer, a bad laptop from my uncle, a 16 gb iphone 6 with NO phone plan, old 3ds, its just not fair :(
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  • Is this sexual harrassment?

    I'm a 13 yrs old girl. And I put a camera on our bathroom before my 23 yrs old brother took a bath so that I can watch his naked sexy body.
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  • Son hasn't left his room for anything but school for the past year. younger sibling is the cause. he skipped a family trip because of it.?

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  • What can I do for my mother?

    A link to another question I asked that is directly related to this question, but not necessary in answering this question: https://answers.askadc.com/question/index... But my mother is very lonely and sad all the time. What activities can I make her do, or what can I set up for her to do? She has heart problems, she is overweight. I just want her to live her remaining years happy.
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  • My cousin boycotted her brother's wedding cause of a fight they had. She banned her kids from going. Is this child abuse towards the kids?

    The kids wanted to go and one, the youngest, was going to be flower girl. The cousin of mine had a fight with her brother. I don't know the issues though the cousin is sensitive and her brother moody. Nothing happened that is a threat to the kids though, just adult issues. So was it abuse for her to ban her kids from having fun at a wedding in order to get the obnoxious brother back? I ask cause my Mom used to do this to me when I was a kid and it hurt me a lot.
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  • My step mom is abusing me emotionally and mentally? My dad has done it before but physically. What are your feelings if this was you?

    Back when I was a teenager my dad has abused me a couple of times before (i.e throwing me outside the house with no clothes on, Slapped me across the face and had to go to school with a red face the next day.) I am an adult and it is still going on but pretty worse than it has been. My step mom is so controlling, she is defiant, she is mean, she is so horrible, that i hate her so much. Eventually, I will not want her or my dad in my house all because of whats going on at this point. I am at my breaking point and my whitts end. She does not let me live the life I want to live, so out of the blue I have to basically be thrown under the bus saying "Your going to live the way I tell you to live, and if you don't like it, oh well" So shes basically saying I am dumb and stupid and i try telling my dad of whats going on and he basically refuses to listen to what I have to say, which is like him forgetting about me and not allowing me to live the life I want to live. I cannot have this happen any longer than it has to be, meaning I have gave her so many chances to trust her and I cannot trust her and eventually I would not be able to trust my own father as well. I just want to have my own space which is why i dont like talking to my father nor my step mother because of how they take my responses is not so well whether its getting a job, finding a job, etc.
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  • Grounded for a year HELP!?

    I failed 3 classes last year so my mom made me take summer school. And I failed that too because I was late everyday and got 6 tardies (which count as absences) so I was grounded for the remainder of the summer. I wasn't even allowed on a family trip to Arizona so I decided to get back at them by spending $1,000 dollars on fantasy sports. Well my mom checked her credit card and realized she was missing $1,000 dollars from her credit card and she confronted me and I confessed to her that I stole $1,000 dollars and my mom lost it at me and told me I was grounded for a year ---List of punishments--- No electronics, (includes TV) No books No drawing No writing No Mp3 No lunch I have to stay in my room 24/7 except for school, meals, church, bathroom, and chores Only 6 hours of sleep per night (which includes the time it takes me to get to sleep) and if I nap it will get reduced by one hour No bed comforters, so I have to sleep on the bare carpet My parents are setting my room temperature to 90 degrees, and if I make it cooler it will be increased by one degree No going to family gatherings Only one helping of food each meal No fun foods or eating out No bedroom door My mom put cardboard over my windows so I can’t look outside I have to eat hot sauce every day I can only take 5 minute showers and if I take longer it’ll be decreased by one minute Showers have to be on coldest setting I have to wear a winter coat and a jacket so I’m even hotter
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  • After 27 years of my mom and dad marriage, i got to know know that my dad is cheating on my mom with prostitutes.Should i tell her? Plz help?

    My mom is 51 and dad is 54. I have given him warning 6 months ago but he cheated again. My mom is an indian house wife who thinks that her husband is just perfect. 27 years is a long long time. She will cry all day or maybe she will kill herself , her heart is really soft! What should i do please help
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  • Did I overreact to my stepson?

    Best answer: You may well have been projecting, but you have good grounds for having done that. However that doesn't make it right, and refusing to apologize is never a good stance to take, because that means the situation takes much longer and you have to work much harder to heal it.
    I'd suggest calling the injured parties together (your husband and stepson), and make that apology, and make it sound sincere, even if it is choking you (and it's understandable if it would). At the same time, reiterate why you have a hair trigger with regard to abuse and that you find it really difficult to trust anyone around the potential for it to happen.
    But then you have to decide. Either you trust what your stepson said, or you don't. And, if you don't, then he should leave. Why would he want to stay in an atmosphere of hostility and suspicion. And of course that will have a knock-on effect with your husband and marriage.
    Don't back down if you have REAL suspicion that something untoward has been going on, but do be sure that this isn't just an overreaction on your part. I suspect that it is. If you are going to trust, then you have to trust that his intentions towards your son are entirely honourable, and allow your son to snuggle with him when he wants to. The vast majority of people actually aren't abusers.
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  • My 14 year old son's friend (a girl the same age as him) was over at our house?

    Best answer: telling him that its wrong wont do it neither will a punishment. Explain to him why it's wrong and use a language he would understand. emphasis on how respecting females is important its a nice opportunity i would say. Also be ready for follow up questions
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  • My sister got drunk last night and she was real nice one minute and real nasty the next. Is this normal for a drunk 23 year old?

    She was also real goofy like a 4 year old.
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